InfoPath 2010 Cookbook: 101 Codeless Recipes for Beginners

InfoPath 2010 Cookbook: 101 Codeless Recipes for Beginners by S.Y.M. Wong-A-Ton
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (February 1, 2011) | ISBN: 1456542761 | PDF | 12.7 MB | 284 pages

InfoPath 2010 Cookbook covers the basics of designing form templates using InfoPath 2010. This book is geared towards semi-technical professionals who want to master the basics of InfoPath 2010 from scratch by following step-by-step instructions without writing code.InfoPath 2010 Cookbook is designed to serve as a starting point for beginners who do not want to spend countless hours going through reference material about InfoPath before being able to design their first form template.InfoPath 2010 Cookbook consists of 101 tutorials spread out across 9 chapters. Each tutorial consists of a problem description and step-by-step instructions describing the solution. The first 6 chapters of the book cover the basics of InfoPath 2010, while the last 3 chapters of the book present a compilation of over 50 solutions covering common scenarios using several of the most popular controls in InfoPath.Summary of the book’s contents: 101 Step-by-step tutorials that have a Problem-Solution-Discussion formatDesigning form templatesWorking with views, controls, formulas, rules, and data sourcesSetting up form templates for submitPublishing form templatesOver 50 step-by-step tutorials for common form scenariosInvaluable tips, tricks, and solutions you may have thought not possible without writing code Please visit the support web site listed in the book to download the supporting digital files for the recipes in the book.

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