Overcoming Thyroid Disorders

Overcoming Thyroid Disorders by David Brownstein
Medical Alternatives Press, Inc. (April 2002) | ISBN: 0966088220 | PDF | 11.11 MB | 256 pages

“Overcoming Thyroid Disorders” by Dr. David Brownstein is a ground-breaking book about how a holistic program can be used to treat Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s Disease, Graves” Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and many other conditions. This book will show you how a natural treatment program consisting of: natural thyroid hormone, other natural hormones, vitamins, minerals, diet modifications and detoxification can successfully treat many thyriod and other conditions. Dr. Brownstein illustrates the tremendous success he has had with his holistic treatment program by including over 30 actual case studies from his practice. This book provides hope to those who suffer from thyroid problems because it shows how a natural, holistic prgram can be used to overcome these chronic conditions.

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