Prosperity Forever

Prosperity Forever by Satya Kalra
Self-Publishing; First Edition edition (June 3, 2012) | ISBN: 8190952293 | PDF | 5.26 MB | 88 pages

Today, everyone wants to be prosperous, rich and famous. In fact, everyone has a birth right and potential to become prosperous. Prosperity is available to everyone in this world. However, we must understand what prosperity really means? What prevent us from attaining it? How can I become prosperous? Money and mansions are not the only wealth. Hoard the wealth of the Spirit. Character is wealth; good conduct is wealth; and spiritual wisdom is wealth. Atharva Veda Prosperity does not mean only materialistic things such as money, possessions, big cars, big homes, big saving accounts and big titles. Many of us experience some or all of these but not all the times. These are only temporary, they come and go. However, the Everlasting Prosperity (not affected by external factors) will remain forever a life that has a purpose, and is full of satisfaction, happiness, and peace. But then, the question comes how to become prosperous and also attain the Everlasting Prosperity and maintain it forever? This Anandam guide Prosperity Forever, Through Art of work answers all these questions and also guides step-by-step how to become prosperous and maintain it forever through the art of work (Righteous action). It will help you to identify your strengths, the type of life style that you will enjoy the most, the type of work that is most suited for your personality, what are your responsibilities (duties), and how to perform these righteously to be successful in life. You will also learn to develop self-awareness, self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment. This is the key to Eternal Happiness, a Peaceful and Prosperous life. Furthermore it teaches you to ask questions to yourself before taking any action: Why am I doing it? How will this action help me attain Eternal Prosperity and fulfill the purpose of my life? Will this action increase my ego, attachment, greed, and desires? Am I doing it for name and fame? Will it calm down my mind or disturb it? Will it enhance my Eternal Happiness and Peace (Shanti) or disturb me more (Ashanti)? With the help of this simple Path to Anandam guide with 30 points to practice (one point/day with the help of daily spiritual planner), you will go through spiritual journey and learn to enjoy your daily life, reach your unlimited potential and attain Everlasting Prosperity and Peace (The very purpose of life).

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