The Human Evolution Coloring Book

The Human Evolution Coloring Book by Adrienne L. Zihlman and Carla J. Simmons
HarperCollins; 2 edition (February 6, 2001) | ISBN: 0062737171 | PDF | 10.27 MB | 352 pages

The completely revised Human Evolution Coloring Book Provides an authoritative, scientific background for understanding the origins of humanityIncludes new discoveries and information essential for students of anthropology, primatology, paleontology, comparative anatomy, and geneticsBrings together evidence from living primates, fossils, and molecular studiesExplains the latest dating methods, including radioactive, paleomagnetic, and molecular clocksSurveys the world of living primates, their ecology, locomotion, diet, behavior, and life historiesClarifies the anatomical and behavioral similarities and differences between ourselves and our closest living relatives, the chimpanzee and the gorillaResolves some long-standing mysteries about our relationship to the extinct Neanderthals

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